The Art of Hypnotic Selling and NLP for Real Estate Sales


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In this Advanced Certification Programs we are going to reveal to you – step by step – how hypnosis works in any sales profession, the core concepts of Neuro Linguistic Programming and we will give you practical tools that you can use immediately in your career.

Our Strategies for Subconscious Success in Real Estate Sales is designed for professionals who are ready to hear what is possible with Hypnotic Selling and SEE their career skyrocket to the next level.

What you will learn:

  • The Power of Hypnosis and NLP in Sales (Program Yourself for Success)
  • Building Rapport Without Going to War ( Create Immediate Emotional Connection with Every Prospect or Client)
  • Personality Styles to Sell & Negotiate (Understand Personality Styles to Easily Access Your Client’s Behavior, Persuade, Motivate and Influence)
  • The Magic of NLP Anchoring & State Elicitation (Maximize Sales Success by Increasing Your Confidence Level)
  • Uncovering The Secrets of NLP Strategies ( Mind Reading Revealed)
  • The Ultimate Mind/ Body Connection for Your Career ( Master the Art of Self Hypnosis)

You can’t put a price on success.  And if your current subconscious programming is not earning you the money that you conscious are ready for – then sign up today!


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