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Meet our Instructors

Our Instructors are Certified Behavioral Specialists, Hypnotherapists, and Entrepreneurs

Who Have Achieved Tremendous Success In Life By Applying Techniques They Teach.

Clinical Hypnotherapist, Life Coach and Motivational Speaker with over 25 years of experience in the field of Behavior Modification. She is internationally known as “The Mind Coach.”

Michele Guzy, CHT

Master NLP Trainer, Behavioral Hypnotherapist

Certified Hypnotherapist and Motivational Speaker as well as a certified instructor of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.
 Joe is an instructor  the first accredited college for hypnotherapy. He has been featured on Bravo and Lifetime and has worked with corporations to enhance team-building, performance and goal-setting.

Joe Tabanella, CHT

NLP Trainer, Behavioral Hypnotherapist

Owner of Savvolio Real Estate Services and the founder of Strategic Mind University. Marina is a certified behavioral therapist with a major in Economics and over 10 years of experience in real estate. Starting as a salesperson, Marina has evolved into an entrepreneur with a multi-million dollar investment portfolio and multiple businesses.

Marina Clark, CHT, NLP

Behavioral Hypnotherapist, Real Estate Broker

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From our Students

“The NLP Sales training I received from Michele Guzy on building rapport have helped me make more money in my business and attract new clients in just one weekend!”



David Steeles
Restaurant Sales

“This was a very educational class. By the end of the 1st hour I already noticed my behavior changing! Watching your role play exercises on how to build instantaneous rapport was amazing! I never knew we revealed so much in our body language!”


Elizabeth Benson
Warner Brothers

“Great job! Very interesting subject matter! Everyone loved your speaking style & dynamic wit!”


Angelo Brimson
Summit Mortgage

“Excellent! Exceeded my expectations! Every person I know would benefit from a course on Interpersonal Communication presented by The Mind Coach.”


Mary Green
Sales Trainer

“Thank you for your enthusiastic and very worthwhile presentation on dealing with difficult people. Everyone has been asking me where you are speaking next! You have rated the highest out of all speakers so far! Let’s get you in for our next event before you are all booked up!”


Monica Gold
Community Associations Institute

“I really learned a lot from your demonstration of ‘toning’ down an aggressive person in a difficult situation. You provided great educational tools for phenomenal communication. Such a good time!”



Robert Jollins
CSBC Manager

“The support from Michele and the NLP Trainers is the most important part for me for learning. I will be able to help myself and improve my life by applying what I have learned in my life. Understanding the subconscious mind will help me in my psychology studies and I can use all of the techniques and communication resources to help my clients.”



Jermaine Chitra
International Psychology Intern

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